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Saturday, May 23, 2020

A response to a liar, and thereby to an idiot.

Lies Leftists tell.

When someone quite so cluelessly lies as you have -- nowhere in the article does it suggest the President said "inject Chlorox" -- he was plainly mooting an "imagine if" scenario, and doing nothing other. On top of that:

On top of which:

And never mind the whole thing is an example of the gaslighting the Extremist Leftist mass media has been inflicting on America since it was praising Uncle Joe, forget the Holodomor:,_1931_and_after

This is what Leftists do, this is how they think:

Democrats and other extremist Leftists have long been doing what they can only accuse tendentiously "Republicans" of doing, and that has been a tactic of theirs for a very long time, along with accusations of "Republicans pounce" when the GOP calls out Democrats on it. What really drives Democrats nuts about Trump! is he is a Democrat of late '70's, early '80's vintage, and he took the Oval office from their chosen Establishment approved thief on the strength of a platform the Democrats had abandoned, by barely winning a few Electoral College states they had presumed too long were safely theirs.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Losing it.

So yesterday, my VOIP connection to the phone queue calls died ( I largely do phone based technical support for industrial automation, glass, heat treat, pharma, or pizza and waffles, anything which you need to have happen because you hit a button, generally involving heat).  IT has been no help (the efforts of our IT department should be easier to distinguish from sabotage by the competition), I was intended to be the only guy on the phone for the East Coast so a colleague could finish a project.  Call volume was low, but since I was alone-ish, I was heavily tasked.  I was not even supposed to go in to work this week, but I was going in today to try to help with that network issue by putting the PC on the hardwired network.  That's the back ground. 

On the way in, just west of the East-most Berryville exit (VA Rt. 7), a trailer dumped a few hundred pounds of plywood on the road.  It was off the road by the time I got there, it was minor delay -- but it zeroed my time margin.

Then there was a delay ahead, reported to be construction.  There were signs.  Turned out the signs were bogus, the problem was a wreck -- I lose about 40 minutes I think.  I MUST make some of this time back, there is an 8:30 call I'm supposed to be on.  I've been written up for traffic making me late before.  If I need to get there an hour early to make sure I'm there on time, that's my problem.  A comment I read on Waze says, "When you get on top of the hill and see the traffic moving it's orgasmic."  ... Ok, so I wouldn't quite go that far.

I get a call from a customer on my personal cell to the effect they were losing 50 tons of $8/lb steel, it was on it's way to becoming $0.20/lb scrap.  They apparently have done something I told them would probably not work, they are pissed.  If it's a huge company for a customer (Boeing, Caterpillar, Airbus, Ford, etc., that scale) it might not be as big a deal.  For a small company, it might be that month's whole payroll --  something goes wrong, they will be panicked.  This is a smaller customer.

I miss the call from my IT guy because I am on the road still.

Then this guy zooms up on my rear, I'm in the left lane.  I go right to let them by.  They hunker down in my blind spot.  I think that's odd. I brake in the right lane so they can pass me - they brake too.

I go left and resume my previous pace.  This whole thing repeats.  He's following me!

WTH ?!

I have no capacity left with which to deal with this.  I need this guy to go away on his way.  It's a simple concept, if you are in the left lane and someone comes up behind you, you go right and let them by.  They go by.  If you are approaching someone in the left lane from their rear, they go right and let you by.

I start swearing, he starts swearing.  Dude, if I did something to you prior, I'm sorry -- but I don't know what that was.

2nd most stressful 24hours this year (in a bad year at that), topped only by my Dad getting into his car accident and me having to tell the doctors he has told me if he has any likelihood of a brain injury, to let him go, no "heroic" measures.  Do not resuscitate.  Mom did not want me to say that, she doesn't want to think about it.  I didn't either, but since he'd had a long period of low blood pressure and plausible anoxia, having had his blood volume more than replaced once and they are taking him into a 2nd surgery at 11:30pm to see if they can save him, it's my job to say it. 

Days (weeks) like this are why, from time to time, I like to go into the woods.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

So this is how scientific frauds are born.

They are sure bugs are in trouble.

And yet:

" Scientists think something is amiss, but they can’t be certain: In the past, they didn’t systematically count the population of flying insects, so they can’t make a proper comparison to today. "

So they have no good count for comparison, but they are sure this is the next thing to panic about.


Saturday, September 08, 2018

NYT: Trump Admin Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers...

Not knowing if the plans arrived at were competent or not...

All other things being equal, good.  Better if they had arrived at a starting line and undertaken it successfully.

Far-right expected to make historic gains in Swedish election...


Panic Grips Establishment... 

Good.  They deserve not only panic but their acknowledged, ubiquitous obsolescence.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

It’s Time for the Press to Stop Complaining—And to Start Fighting Back

A nearly 50-year campaign of vilification, inspired by Fox News's Roger Ailes, has left many Americans distrustful of media outlets. Now, journalists need to speak up for their work.

Because by and large the press corps are far left partisans and their work represents that fact quite well, there is nothing they can say and no way they can "fight back".  What they complain of is the fighting back, against them.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Yuval Harari: Free Information Is Dangerous

What a load of twaddle.

I am reminded when I get to this throwaway line of his, "Even though neuroscience shows us that there is no such thing as free will, in practical terms it made sense because nobody could understand and manipulate your innermost feelings", these are people fishing under the precepts of scientism, for an excuse to commit the crimes they have the will but not yet the courage to undertake.

The only thing that bother the Left about "fake news" is, the fakeness other their narrative is so apparent it can no longer be concealed by a monolithic but relatively ever more shrill, incapable -- and distressingly insane -- leftstream media.

        Why is liberalism under particular threat from big data?  ...Interviewer

        Liberalism is based on the assumption that you have privileged access to  your own inner world of feelings and thoughts and choices, and nobody outside you can really understand you.  ...Harari

            Good Lord "Liberalism", meaning the current would-be globalists set of dirigistes, is dependent on the plausibility that it is possible to know enough, to justifiably order other people's lives without their affirmative consent, but instead by the force majeur of a relatively omnipotent state.  It is potentiated by Big Data, not threatened by it at all.

            Actual liberalism, classical liberalism, is the diminution of the state to the greatest extent tolerable to a controlling fraction of the population, such that that diminished state is maintained only by the force tolerable to what fraction objects to it.  The great goal of liberty, is that outside of crimes held to be  malum in se to that first fraction, is that society become otherwise ungovernable.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Entitled feeling AA woman thinks rules don't apply to her color of skin.
Unanswered is the question, does the hotel have a rule about having to shower before getting in the pool?  Did the man observe they did not follow it?

The BS about the Starbuck's bathroom is just that.  They can't have people taking up space in the place and not ordering anything.  Starbucks had a rule that you had to be a patron to use the bathroom, Starbucks a had right to enforce that rule. Starbuck's "victims" settle for 1$.
Yes, Trump! is putting on a good show, a sitzkreig.

No, he is not doing even as much to secure the borders as even Obama did.

Use the Walmart test.  Got to a local Walmart and look around.  Are their fewer plausible illegal immigrants there or not?  There's no lack of them in my part of VA.
Is this really a surplus?

It's not unless the fraction of monies talked about come back within the US' borders as becomes liquidity within our domestic economy.
Ties between researchers and alcohol producers prompt NIH to shut down study of moderate drinking
 Translation:  Only people already in the tank for neo-Prohibitionism will be allowed to study alcohol health effects.

Suggestion, all .gov funds used to fund "studies" should be held in escrow for five years -- if "researchers" are wise.  Because if another researcher can poke holes in the first study, then they should get a healthy cut of the first grant.

Making studies which are too easily debunked should be negligence, and sufficiently too easily debunked should be prima facie evidence of fraud.