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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If you are a legal resident of Virginia, please sign this petition. It's about the new and draconianly confiscatory revenue measure the legislature dreamed up, "abusive driver fees".

It will not catch merely unwary, it will catch the unlucky--on top of the fine and court costs, $333.00 dollars a year for three years. It is openly admitted it a revenue measure, although they claim significant improvement in the other states that the them. As for whether it will only catch bad drivers, Bullshi!t. On the 55mpg road I drive home on, you can stay in the leftlane at 65mph and never have to slow down or pass a vehicle. Traveling 55 is posing a traffic hazard. I think about 30,000 people a day use that road, and about 80% would be subject to this law.

Well, ******** the state prosecutors association refused to carry out prosecutions that might 8trigger the Michigan version of the law, let's see if Virginia's Commonwealth's Attorney's have as much of a sense of decency.

******** I can't find a link for which state this was, I'll update when I'm able.

I believe general purposes like the roads should be funded from the general revenue, and that even if such huge fines were to be levied, they should be indexed against income so as to be neither progressive nor regressive--not per capita incident fees.

And there is the appearance of certain conflict of interest about the law as well.

The sponsor of the law, David Albo, is a partner in one of Virginia's largest law firms; one of its specialties is traffic cases.
Also, I believe to avoid commerce clause/federalism problems, the new laws affect on VA residents, they do not affect non-residents no matter how often they get ticketed.

This law is morally wrong, and must change.


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