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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dr. Paul Broun's election and first House of Representatives vote is the best political news I've had since 9:47PM, Nov. 7th, 2004.

He voted for prohibiting federal funds from being used to prosecute federal drug offenders in states where the alleged use has been legalized by the state in question.

The vote reflects Broun's promise to apply these tests to legislation:

Is it constitutional and a proper function of government? Is it morally correct? Is it something we really need? Is it something we can afford?

I'd like about 235 more Repesentatives like him, about 65 Senators, and a like President, please.

Dave Barbee is the chair of the Republican effort in the district Broun represents. He is quoted as saying,

"Either you're with the team or you're separate from the team," said Barbee, who backed Broun's opponent in the runoff. "If he doesn't follow the [conservative] mantra he campaigned on, he'll be called home."

Sounds like he voted just the way he said he would to me.

A genuinely conservative vote--hacking at a mouldered branch.


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