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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Such thin skinned yellow journalists's they're turning out these days.

So Doug Messier has banned me from Parabolicarc.

That's no surprise, he's a hack with an agenda and a fairly conventional leftist at that.

 Here's how I found out, I went to post this comment on his blog.

" It does not have an accusatory tone in any way. "

Maybe not, in fact, written in bureaucratese, it almost certainly is not overt.

The question is whether it has language in it to justify Mr. Messiers accusatory, sensationalist "journalism", and it does not.

 And when I went to post it, I was banned.

Doug, you have an obsession with gotchaism unless it's government talking--then for you it's gospel.  You confidently state howlers like claiming multiple parallel system isn't redundancy (when that is exactly that throughout the aerospace industry) and I'm feeling on safe ground predicting you've had at least one wet dream about getting a Pulitzer.

I'll happily read your blog for info, but if you closed up shop tomorrow, I couldn't care.  All in all you're just another lefty hack.

It's so vicious because the stakes are so small.


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