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Sunday, August 09, 2009

The military must not face book.

Says Bob Owens in this post to Pajamas Media.

My reply is below the quote, lightly editied:

“Social relationships established on Craigslist and MySpace have led to homicides, and a relationship status change on Facebook led to murder.”

Well obviously we have to make it contrary to good unit order to have social relationships…

#3 of the Pajamas Media posting guidelines prohibits me from treating your ludicrous post as it fully deserves, Mr Owen.

When genuine failures of OPSEC can be demonstrated, educate or punish the offenders as appropriate. The most that can be done which is reasonable is the most you should do.

@ 19. RM3 Frisker FTN

If the jihadis decided to attack essentially any elementary school near a big base they’d accomplish much the same thing. I suppose you and Owen now feel the need to take the fatuous step of prohibiting service personnel from having kids?

@ 20. Ecosium:

You are correct in theory, I admit I don’t think the sort of alienation of the military from general society that leads to increased tyranny will be a result of this even in the long run.

@ 21. Bill Quick:
“As usual, the classic conservative response to an issue of security is More Controls! More Regulations! More Bans! Less Liberty!”

There is nothing conservative about being stupid. Stupidity is the liberals province. What is conservative in this country is the Revolutionary Spirit of 1776.

You are correct Elementary schools should be harder targets.

The bottom line is, that in spite of the chin high sewage spewed by the MSM instead of either raw facts or reasoned analysis, the war effort in Iraq and at least up until now in Afghanistan enjoyed good recruitment and re-up rates. Treating the troops like utter morons and abject mushrooms will change that in a hurry.

Mr. Owens’ suggestion is a profoundly poor one.

Yours, TDP, ml, msl, & pfpp


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