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Friday, August 06, 2010

Here's someone I think is obviously not thinking things through to their necessary end or appurtenances.

In a comment to a Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan, to the effect that America is edging towards boiling over, I see this comment, "I was with you up until the screaming babies on buses."

That quote is just a portion of the comment.

The comment is from Bill Smith, whom it seems imagines that immigration laws can be enforced without any screaming babies being forced onto busses, and who seem to feel mere negative feeling will accomplish the entire end of AZ's immigration law, and the 70% of Americans who favor it.

He is somewhat correct, most illegals will move, even back across the border, with relatively mild incentives to that end and with mild enforcement measures.

These should be deployed.

So should forcible repatriation (or even just expulsion into Mexico), when they do not consent upon discovery, and basic efforts should be made to discover if an arrested person is a legal resident. As a first measure persons found to be here illegally should be shoved across the border if they cannot be held for any other crime.

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