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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I may have been blocked by Roger Simon at PJMedia for the crime of steadfastly opposing Mitt Romney, while also being no more rude about it than needful.

I have been attempting to respond to a post here:

59. Tom Perkins

“The Santorum people hate Romney because he is rich and educated and somewhat stiff and mannerly.”

Perhaps instead it’s because he’s the nominee chosen by people who have much to answer for. The GOP establishment is very nearly as much at fault for the nation’s straights as the Democrats.

They have no credit with which to be declaring their chosen guy inevitable.
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In response, A. N. Pierson writes:

Oh, please. I have been reading your endless comments on here with some amusement, but this one is beyond the beyond.

Romney is “chosen” by some establishment? What planet do you live on? Romney chose himself. He wants to be president and has for many years. He ran in 2008 when conservative loved him against McCain. No back room crew is choosing Romney. Get over your paranoid frothings and go spend your day with your family or something. You are one of the biggest nitwits I have ever read on here.


My response follows.

Angelo Codevilla has been mentioned above, in #58.

I'll quote him here.

"Because, in the long run, the country class will not support a party as conflicted as today's Republicans, those Republican politicians who really want to represent it will either reform the party in an unmistakable manner, or start a new one as Whigs like Abraham Lincoln started the Republican Party in the 1850s."

Now I'd hate to think I've been blocked for being too effective an opponent of Roger Simon's chosen candidate, but I haven't seen too many of my posts show up in quite a while. I'll make this one more attempt today. Responding here to A.N. Pierson., who so politely replied to my post #59.

Of course Romney chose himself first. I have never imagined nor written anything else. Then others chose him to be the inevitable candidate.

It is their defeat in an unmistakeable manner which is vital to the good future of the party and country.

One other thing, I don't remember liking Romney over McCain.

Mr. Pierson, you're talking about someone else. And making things up.

And Art Chance has decided to go full froth as well.

"First, Tom, you’ve become tiresome; you’re an ignorant, arrogant ass who thinks that just following every poster with some bullying, name-calling post is somehow persuasive, or at least makes you look like a big man. You’re not; you’re an ignorant, arrogant, bullying ass."

My reply:

Who's bullying who? I see the Rombots calling me anything and everything including an Obama troll. I see Roger Simon claiming I must be deranged.

I am trying to see to it that every vaguely substantive or risible pro-Romney post gets answered at least once with a countervailing point of view. There's nothing bullying in that. I suppose it might be tiresome to be asked to back up what you say when you expect to skate--to have your way over your betters. C'est la vie.

What ticks you off so much about two-thirds of the party insisting the GOP nominee be someone who actually represents them?
And you want to burn Codevilla's book? Nice. Try refuting it.

Art, I suggest you are too close to the trees to see the forest.


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